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BGU Making a Difference

Read about the work that BGU is doing to make a difference for Israel and the world.

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The Fight Against Ebola
August 15, 2014
The Jewish Sound -- BGU's Dr. Leslie Lobel explains why some people survive the Ebola virus and why those people are critical to finding a cure. more »

BGU Scientists Unlock More of the Brain's Secrets
August 14, 2014
The Jewish Sound -- BGU researchers are revolutionizing the world's knowledge about how the brain functions following brain trauma and the emotional trauma of missile attacks. more »

Egypt's Involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
August 11, 2014
The Jerusalem Report -- BGU Professor Yoram Meital explains the role of Egypt in attempting to end the conflict in Gaza and why Egyptian leadership is supportive of Israel. more »

Rave Reviews for Retired BGU Professor's Novel
August 11, 2014
The New York Times -- Mary Gordon reviews Professor Emeritus Aharon Appelfeld's book, "Suddenly, Love," the story of an ailing, elderly man in Jerusalem who hires a young caretaker. more »

Israeli Scientists Lead the Search for Ebola Cure
August 8, 2014
The Times of Israel -- Dr. Leslie Lobel, BGU virologist, is at the forefront of a cure for Ebola, a disease which he has been studying for almost 12 years. more »

Negev Bonanza
August 8, 2014
The Jerusalem Report -- Recently, the IDF transferred thousands of personnel and bases South. The large shift in population is another step in making Ben-Gurion's dream of a prosperous Negev come to fruition. more »

The Tunnels of Hamas - and of Ancient Jews
August 7, 2014
The Wall Street Journal -- BGU Professor Benny Morris contrasts the tunnels of the Ancient Hebrews, who broke free from Roman oppression, and of Hamas, who are determined to annihilate Israel. more »

Boycotts Are Not the Answer
August 6, 2014
The Jerusalem Post -- BGU President Prof. Rivka Carmi calls for dialogue, not boycotts, in reaching a peaceful coexistence. more »

BGU Cancels Performance of Student Dance Troupe in Scotland Due to Security Concerns
August 6, 2014
BGU was forced to cancel the participation of its Pola dance troupe, slated to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, due to protests that threatened the students' safety. more »

BGU Leads the Way Toward a Cure for Ebola
August 6, 2014
Israel 21c -- Dr. Leslie Lobel and his team may be the closest researchers in the world to developing a cure for Ebola. He believes a cure is as little as five years away. more »

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