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BGU Making a Difference

Read about the work that BGU is doing to make a difference for Israel and the world.

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AABGU Establishes $1 Million "Wartime Assistance for Students" Fund
July 25, 2014
With as many as 1,000 BGU students, faculty and staff deployed both in and around the Gaza Strip, AABGU is establishing a fund to assist those now serving in combat with tuition and expenses. more »

BGU Researcher Develops Robots That Can Move Like Humans
July 25, 2014
From The Grapevine -- Dr. Amir Shapiro, head of BGU’s Robotics Lab, continues his research in developing robots that can walk and hold objects like people do. more »

BGU is Ranked Among the World’s 50 Most Technologically Advanced Universities
July 25, 2014
Great Value Colleges – With its high-tech campus and international research partners, BGU is considered one of the Middle East's most important centers for teaching and research. more »

Convincing Truman to Recognize the State of Israel
July 24, 2014
St. Louis Jewish Light -- BGU professor and historian Ofer Shiff takes a look at Reform rabbi and Zionist leader Abba Hillel Silver and the influence he had on the president of the United States. more »

Why You Should Want to Work with Someone Who Brags
July 24, 2014
Fast Company -- BGU researchers discover that pride can be an important motivational factor for success. more »

Fellowship Program Brings Three Ethiopian Medical Students to BGU’s Medical School for International Health
July 23, 2014
Thanks to AAGBU supporters, three students from Ethiopia were able to participate in a two-month fellowship at BGU’s Medical School for International Health. more »

BGU Researchers Develop Simple Method to Diagnose Blood Clots During Pregnancy
July 23, 2014
The Jerusalem Post -- A common complication in pregnancy, blood hemorrhaging, has been difficult to diagnose and life threatening. BGU scientists have now created a safe test to predict blood clotting risks in pregnant woman. more »

Ben-Gurion's Dream for the Negev Is Coming to Fruition
July 21, 2014
Jewish Exponent – In areas including cyber security and clean tech, BGU is partnering with the Negev Funding Coalition to fulfill Ben-Gurion’s vision of developing the Negev. more »

Device Developed by BGU Students for Shelters Saves Lives
July 21, 2014
i24 News -- Two engineering students from BGU developed what they call "The Gatekeeper Project," which opens bomb shelters automatically, without human intervention, saving valuable time and lives. more »

Scorpions Are Expert Architects
July 21, 2014
Nature World News -- A new study out of BGU has shown that scorpions are incredibly complex burrowers. In all scorpion burrows tested, the scorpions had built platforms in a prime location to warm up before going out for the night's hunt. more »

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