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BGU Making a Difference

Read about the work that BGU is doing to make a difference for Israel and the world.

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BGU Researchers Develop Simple Method to Diagnose Blood Clots During Pregnancy
July 23, 2014
The Jerusalem Post -- A common complication in pregnancy, blood hemorrhaging, has been difficult to diagnose and life threatening. BGU scientists have now created a safe test to predict blood clotting risks in pregnant woman. more »

Ben-Gurion's Dream for the Negev Is Coming to Fruition
July 21, 2014
Jewish Exponent – In areas including cyber security and clean tech, BGU is partnering with the Negev Funding Coalition to fulfill Ben-Gurion’s vision of developing the Negev. more »

Scorpions Are Expert Architects
July 21, 2014
Nature World News -- A new study out of BGU has shown that scorpions are incredibly complex burrowers. In all scorpion burrows tested, the scorpions had built platforms in a prime location to warm up before going out for the night's hunt. more »

Device Developed by BGU Students for Shelters Saves Lives
July 21, 2014
i24 News -- Two engineering students from BGU developed what they call "The Gatekeeper Project," which opens bomb shelters automatically, without human intervention, saving valuable time and lives. more »

Mom Teams-Up with BGU Researcher to Cure Diabetes
July 18, 2014
About Her Magazine -- Determined to find better diabetes treatment for her son, a San Antonio mom stumbles over the research of BGU’s Dr. Eli Lewis, and finds a physician to administer his tested drug that could cure type 1 diabetes. more »

BGU Students Stay in Beer-Sheva to Volunteer
July 18, 2014
Jewish Journal of Los Angeles -- BGU students, feeling connected to the Beer-Sheva community, choose to stay and volunteer with the locals in hospitals and trauma centers instead of returning to their hometowns. more »

BGU Student Is Awarded the Prestigious President of the State of Israel Grant
July 17, 2014
Gil Eshel, a Ph.D. student at BGU's Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies, receives the President of the State of Israel Scientific Excellence and Innovation grant for his research on desert plants. more »

New Software Is Teaching Computers to Detect Viruses
July 17, 2014
Tech Page One -- BGU Prof. Lior Rokach has created software that can learn to detect abnormal, potentially harmful malware in computers. This will impact virus and malware detection and protection on computers and mobile devices. more »

Excitement, Innovation: What I Learned, Experienced and Saw During a Recent Trip to One of Israel's Top Universities
July 16, 2014
Huffington Post -- Kira Makagon, of Hillsborough, CA, recently visited BGU and was awed by the innovation and inspiration that she found at the University. more »

AABGU Forms New Chapter in Pittsburgh
June 27, 2014
The Jewish Chronicle -- Attorney Jeffrey Letwin was inducted earlier this month as the new chapter’s first chairman. more »

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