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BGU Making a Difference

Read about the work that BGU is doing to make a difference for Israel and the world.

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Analyzing the American Reaction to the Seizure of a Ship Containing Iranian Weapons
March 20, 2014
Israel Defense Magazine -- BGU's Prof. Zaki Shalom views recent statements by U.S. officials on Israel's seizure of a weapons ship as a change in the administration's engagement with Iran. more »

Ben-Gurion University Makes Innovation Happen
March 17, 2014
The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle -- On a recent trip to BGU, reporter Mayaan Jaffe shares her inspiring observations of how BGU is the center of Negev development and a catalyst of innovation for the whole country. more »

The Many Robots of BGU
March 14, 2014
Jewish Business News -- BGU's two robotics labs, run by Prof. Hugo Guterman and Dr. Amir Shapiro, are developing a wide range of robots with sophisticated military, automotive, agricultural, and medical applications. more »

Revealing the Source of a Moroccan Jewish Genetic Disease
March 13, 2014
The Jewish Voice -- BGU's Dr. Ohad Birk has discovered a genetic mutation in Moroccan Jews that leads to a crippling disease. more »

BGU Researcher Discusses Treating Brain Diseases
March 13, 2014
Florida Jewish Journal -- Prof. Alon Friedman is looking into the possibility that diseases and injuries that affect the brain could be treated through the blood brain barrier. more »

BGU Ranks in Top 50 of the World's Youngest Universities
March 11, 2014
BGU has been recognized as one of the world's highest performing young academic institutions. It also ranked among the top universities overall in the fields of history, linguistics and psychology. more »

Using Prawns to Prevent Snail Fever and Swollen Bellies
March 10, 2014
BGU researcher Amit Savaia is developing a way to eradicate schistosomiasis, a devastating disease caused by parasites, by reintroducing cultured prawns to a river in Senegal. more »

Organic Agriculture May Pollute Groundwater
March 6, 2014
San Diego Jewish World -- BGU researchers have determined that organic agriculture can cause pollution from nitrate leaching into groundwater. more »

Giving Your Sunglasses the Power of Night Vision
March 5, 2014
BGU researchers are developing an ultra thin coating that will turn any glasses into night vision glasses. more »

On a Quest for Clean Water
March 4, 2014
JUF News -- Prof. Eilon Adar, of the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, discusses how BGU, the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory are working together to improve water quality. more »

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