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No Time for the Truth

September 12, 2012

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Big lies or little white lies, everyone at one time or another finds it necessary not to speak the truth.

But, why do we do it? A recent BGU study published in the journal Psychological Science found time to be a huge factor when it comes to lying.

Participants of one of the studies were asked to roll a die three times, and the researchers weren't able to see what numbers they rolled.

The participants only had to report the first roll, but the higher the number they reported rolling, the more money they got.

Some were put under a time crunch and were only given 20 seconds to report their first roll, while others were given as much time as they needed to report the first roll.

By using this technique, they found that the ones who were put under a time crunch were the most likely to lie about rolling a high number.

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