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Victory for Ben-Gurion Racing
The Ben-Gurion Racing Team, comprised of 24 students from BGU's Department of Mechanical Engineering, designed and built a single seater race car that competed in the recent international Formula SAE race in Italy. It was the first time that an Israeli university team participated.

BGU's Groundbreaking Diabetes Research
Dr. Eli Lewis talks about the success of the FDA-approved clinical trials now under way at University of Colorado, Harvard University and in Israel for individuals with type 1 diabetes.

Clean Water, Community Gardens for Zambia
Ph.D. student Adam Abramson from BGU's Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies is bringing clean water, community gardens, and self-sufficiency to the African nation of Zambia. (5:07)

BGU Leads First Underwater Scientific Expedition of the Dead Sea
The researchers discovered freshwater springs and new types of microorganisms on the sea floor. (2:47)

American Associates Village at
Sede Boqer

The cornerstone-laying ceremony for new student housing took place at the 41st Annual Board of Governors Meeting. (5:34)

Living Legacy Society Garden
Dedicated at BGU

Some 200 Americans made a bequest or other estate gift for BGU. Their names were dedicated in the new garden this past May. (3:04)

Turning Algae into Bio-Fuel at BGU
Prof. Sammy Boussiba, from the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Reseach, and team are working on turning algae into an alternative energy source. (2:44)

Israel-Jordanian Earthquake Drill
BGU helps organize regional earthquake preparedness drill in the Arava desert. (3:00)

Brain Research at BGU
Prof. Alon Friedman, Chair of the Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience (1:34)

Nanotechnology at BGU
Prof. Yuval Golan, Director, Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (1:29)

Pre-Passover Apartment Painting Campaign
Volunteers from BGU's Open Apartments program painted and repaired 69 apartments of the needy and elderly in Beer-Sheva neighborhoods before the Passover holiday. (4:10)

Green Campus Initiative
Learn more about Ben-Gurion University’s Green Campus Initiative.

BGU 40th Anniversary Parade
Some 2,000 University employees and
friends participated in a three-mile festive walk through Beer-Sheva to mark the University's 40th anniversary.

Student Activities at BGU
BGU’s Student Association shares the many exciting activities they have been able to provide students thanks in large part to support from AABGU.

Israeli Kibbutz Powered by the Sun
ZenithSolar, an Israeli start-up, launched a solar farm at Kibbutz Yavne based on technology developed by BGU’s Prof. David Faiman, making it possible to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Breakthrough Diabetes Research
BGU's Dr. Eli Lewis, in collaboration with Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Colorado, have discovered a potential lifesaving breakthrough in treating diabetes.

Driving Simulation Lab at BGU
The Lab for Human Factors in Road Safety features a shiny bronze Cadillac and state-of-the-art large screen imaging to study and monitor driving safety.

Israeli robots invade New York
Dr. Amir Shapiro, Director of the Robotics Lab at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, demos robot prototypes at an event in New York, including some with potential military application. (2:39)

PopSci's Video of the Battlefield Snakebot and Wall-Scaling Snailbot
BGU's Dr. Amir Shapiro looks to the animal kingdom to design robots that can go where humans can't.

Students Teach Bedouin Children English
In this student-made video, graduate students in Middle East Studies work with Bedouin children.

Bedouin Biogas Project
BGU students install a biogas facility in the Negev's Bedouin villages to provide electricity and to help them dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Canine Companions
BGU students foster-parent specially-bred "Hebrew-speaking" guide dogs before the animals embark on lives of service. Read more about the program. 


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Featured Video

Feel the Energy (BGU is a leader in renewable and alternative energies)

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Leading the Next 40 Years
BGU is making its mark on the world, leading in solar energy; brain imaging; Israel studies; emergency medicine; and more. (6:24)

Innovation from the Desert
Researchers at BGU are repairing heart disease, growing tropical fruits in the desert and pioneering Internet security to keep our kids safe. (4:18)

Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research
The BIDR comprises three interdisciplinary institutes that deal with agriculture and biotechnology of drylands, water resource management and solar and environmental desert research. (5:36)

Water for Life
The Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research at the BIDR seeks to solve Israel's and the world's water resource needs. (5:34)

Swiss Institute for Dryland, Environmental and Desert Research 
This BIDR institute studies desert ecology, solar energy and human life in the desert. (4:02)

Feel the Energy
BGU is a leader in renewable and alternative energy research and development, in fields such as biofuel, solar energy, fuel cells, thermoelectricity, and more. (6:39)

From Vision to Reality
40 Years of Scientific Contributions to the World (3:54)

A Community of Caring
More than 40 percent of BGU students volunteer in disadvantaged neighborhoods. (7:45)

Reaching Out to the Future
An overview of BGU with exciting glimpses into cutting-edge research. (8:09)

The Spirit of the Negev
Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School (9:07)

Fun Videos

The theme is going international!
Watch flash mob at BGU's 2012 Student Evening
at BGU's Board of Governors Meeting

BGU Students Share a Hip-Hopping Chanukah with
David Ben-Gurion

The 8 Robots of Chanukah
A cartoon inspired by the robotics work at BGU (1:37)