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OSP Academic Calendar

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There are differences between BGU’s general academic calendar and the OSP’s academic calendar. Fall semester of the two programs are slightly different while the spring semester dates coincide. All OSP dates are subject to adjustment due to changes in BGU's academic calendar.

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 Summer Ulpan 2014  
 Recommended Flight  July 30
 Arrival in Israel  July 31
 Orientation Weekend  August 1-2
 Summer Ulpan Begins  August 3
 End of Short Ulpan (4 weeks)  August 28
 End of Ulpan (6 weeks) and Final Exam
 September 10
 Last Day to Check-out of Dorms  September 11

 Fall Semester 2014  
 OSP Fall Semester Begins  September 14
 Rosh HaShanah Vacation  September 24-27
 Yom Kippur  October 3-4
 Sukkot Vacation  October 8-18
 Beginning of BGU Fall Semester  October 26
 Midterm Exam Period  November 9-13
 Chanukah Vacation  December 21
 End of OSP Fall Semester & Exam Period  December 25
 All Final Papers Due  December 28
 Last Day to Check-out of Dorms*  December 28
 End of BGU Fall Semester  January 23
 End of BGU Exam Period
 February 23

 Winter Ulpan 2015  
 Recommended Flight  January 7
 Arrival in Israel  January 8
 Orientation Weekend  January 9-10
 Winter Ulpan Begins  January 11
 End of Short Ulpan (4 weeks)  February 5
 End of Ulpan (6 weeks) and Final Exam
 February 18
 Last Day to Check-out of Dorms  February 19

 Spring Semester 2015  
 OSP/BGU Spring Semester Begins  March 8
 Passover Vacation  March 29 - April 10
 Memorial Day/Independence Day Vacation  April 22-23
 Midterm Exam Period  May 3-7
 Shavuot Vacation  May 24
 End of OSP Spring Semester
 June 18
 OSP Final Exam Period  June 21-25
 All Final Papers Due  June 25
 End of BGU Spring Semester
 June 26
 Last Day to Check-out of Dorms*  June 26
 End of BGU Exam Period  July 17

*For OSP semester

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