Pre-Departure Information

Suggested Packing List

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Dress in Israel, especially among students, is very informal. However, students should keep in mind that in religiously observant areas modest dress is required, and on special occasions nicer clothing is appropriate. “Nice clothes” in Israel usually mean pants and a button-down shirt for men and a simple dress or skirt for women.

In religious circles, “modest” clothing means long pants and sleeves for men, and skirts below the knee and sleeves below the elbow and/or a shawl for women.

As in most dormitories, closet space is limited. It is strongly recommended that you pack only what you will need.

The following is our recommended basic wardrobe list:

Hiking boots Sneakers
Sandals Backpack (day pack)
Windbreaker Socks
Sun protective hat Shorts
Short-sleeve/t-shirts Long-sleeve shirts
Jeans/Pants Sweatshirt/Sweater
Sweatpants Sleepwear
Bathrobe Undergarments
Towels and Linens (see below) Exercise clothing
Sleeping bag (group trips) Bathing suit(s)

You may also consider bringing:

Backpack for overnight trips, favorite toiletries, laptop computer (preferably a PC; Macs are not recommended due to poor coverage), sunscreen, camera, alarm clock, CD/mp3 player, batteries, flashlight. All of these items can easily be purchased in Israel, but they will be more expensive.

The group tours that occur throughout the semester usually involve a day or two of hiking. Although the hikes are not extremely strenuous, it is advised to bring good hiking boots and a small backpack that can fit approximately two liters of water, food for one day and a camera or other items. For longer weekend trips, a larger backpack that can hold several days’ worth of clothes will be useful.

Bedding and Linens

The University does not provide any linens, blankets, towels or pillows. Beds are narrower and shorter than US twin beds. Usually students bring their own bedding or purchase it upon arrival. There is an option of ordering bedding supplies in advance through an Israeli company which will deliver your order to the dorms or the aiport upon your arrival. More details are available upon admission to the program.

We strongly recommend bringing a small down blanket and a sleeping bag to use during the winter, as well as on weekend trips.

Recommended Sundries

Most toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, feminine hygienic products, contact lens supplies, etc.) can be purchased in Israel but they are more expensive. It is suggested that a full supply of products you use regularly be purchased before your departure.

Electrical Equipment

The electric current in Israel is 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 cycles. If you bring any electrical appliances with you, be sure that they are set on the 220 volt setting or that they can be easily converted. You may be able to use a transformer for certain appliances such as radios or portable computers. However, appliances that generate heat, such as hair-dryers often cannot be converted. Check with an electronics dealer; many students have ruined their expensive appliances.


We strongly recommend that you bring a personal laptop computer. Some of the dorm rooms are equipped with Internet connections. There are also WIFI connections throughout the Marcus Family Campus. If you do not bring a laptop, the University is well-equipped with computers that have access to the Internet.

Please be aware that it may be difficult to find proper service for MAC computers, as Apple products are not widely available in Israel. While having a laptop is not essential, our students regularly report that having their own laptop was very convenient. We strongly suggest bringing a computer lock if you do choose to bring your laptop.

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