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A highlight of OSP is the outstanding menu of trips, tours and hikes organized specifically for program participants. Whether as part of your coursework or “just for fun” it is our priority to expose you to the natural beauty of Israel’s landscape – particularly the Negev region – and its cultures.

In any given semester, your group will travel to a variety of sites throughout Israel. All trips are held either on Fridays (one-day trips) or Friday-Saturday. All food provided on trips is kosher and there is no driving on Saturdays in consideration of students who observe the Jewish Sabbath. Below is a partial listing of trips being considered for the upcoming year, based on trips of semesters past.

Sample OSP Group Excursions:

  • Sede Boqer – home of David Ben-Gurion and BGU’s Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research
  • Massada, Ein Bokek, Ein Gedi
  • Nahal Havarim – moonlight hike
  • Tel Sheva – archeological site and desert farms
  • Beit Guvrin – ropes, rock and cave climbing
  • Nitzana – bicycle trip
  • Ilan Ramon Center (BGU’s planetarium)
  • Old Tel Aviv
  • Old Beer–Sheva
  • Hatzerim – Air Force base
  • Kibbutz Keturah – kibbutz experience and desert ecology program
  • Northern Israel – hiking and swimming in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)
  • Haifa/Carmel Region – Zichron Yaakov, Druze village
  • Fura Reserve – to see annual wildflowers in bloom
  • Machtesh Gadol and Machtesh Katan (Craters) – hiking

Optional trips – paid for by students:

  • Eilat
  • Hiking the Golan Heights
The Suggested Packing List includes items necessary for these trips. Avid hikers and campers who plan on extended excursions should bring any additional equipment you might anticipate needing.

*Please note that not all sites are visited every semester; destinations are subject to change.

  • Not all academic courses include study trips.
  • Some extended trips are optional and, while planned by OSP staff, require funding from participants.
  • The OSP office will advise students of trip opportunities and registration procedures.
  • OSP staff members are happy to offer advice and ideas for you to travel and explore Israel and the Negev on your own.
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