Real World: Beer Sheva

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Wondering what it's like to study at BGU? Here are some thoughts from real students as they experience life in Beer Sheva.

From The Other Side...
By David Mahan - October 24, 2014

Since our daughter Jessica’s blog began in the EL AL check-in area at JFK, I thought I would begin there as well. Read more »

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Security Checks and . . . Cookies?
By Jessica Mahan - October 1, 2014

I am about to tell you what might be a dirty little secret—one that you may not otherwise hear before you come to Israel. As an international student, especially one coming to Israel for the first time, you will almost inevitably be pulled aside for a security check. Read more »

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Final days in Israel
By Jeremiah Feldstein - June 26, 2014

Shalom, one last time! This past month has been filled with new experiences and I wanted to do as much as possible before my time in this amazing country with amazing people was concluded. In my last blog I promised to tell you all about our experience visiting different minorities in Israel. Read more »

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Midterms Have Ended
By Sarah Krafft - December 4, 2013

Time is going so fast, and I am amazed that November has already passed. We recently finished midterms here, and are now in the final month of classes before heading home. Read more »

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November Rain
By Dylan Thomas - December 8, 2013

November rain washed away red, yellow, and gray. The clay hills, magmatic rock, and sedimentary stones colored the landscape in a bouquet of earth tones. Entering the makhtesh, perfect weather emboldened our pioneering spirits. Clear skies, sun shining, and a gentle breeze characterized the day until the afternoon. The weather exiting the makhtesh was brisk, in the sense of our hiking speed and temperature. This was our first time experiencing Makhtesh Ramon and start of November... Read more »

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Yom HaStudent : Day of the Student
By Ashley Carol Fingerhut - June 3, 2013

Yom Hastudent at Ben Gurion is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and I wish that I could take it back with me to the States to my college. Yom Hastudent, or Student Day, is a fantastic phenomenon that happens at Universities all around the country. Read more »

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Party time
By Hadas - June 3, 2013

It’s hard to believe that we are approaching finals already. The semester is almost finished and we are mentally preparing to go our separate ways. For university students in the US, the school year usually ends with a live musical performance and one big party. Fortunately for us, BGU does its version of ‘spring fling’ in the middle of the semester. There was so much hype leading up to Yom Hastudent, and if you ask me, it certainly lived up to expectations. Read more »

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From one home to the other
By Emily Dunbar - January 1, 2013

As a consequence of one of those funny twists and turns that life occasionally throws, I was being driven to the airport for my light home for winter break by a friend of a friend, a guy whom until that evening I had never met. It’s almost a two-hour drive from Beersheva to the airport in Tel Aviv, which gave us plenty of time for the kind of small talk which people engage in when initially getting to know one another. Read more »

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A big colorful blur
By Melanie Stanek - December 5, 2012

Ok! I've been putting off writing this blog because it means one thing: that my time here really is dwindling down and coming to a close. I know this is cliche, but when I think about having to leave I feel that only just yesterday I arrived! I remember orientation so vividly, even though it was already FIVE months ago!!! WHAT?! Read more »

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Before We Say Goodbye
By Liza Mitgang - July 4, 2012

Well here I am sitting in the laundry room on a quiet Saturday morning, anxiously waiting to pack away the last of my clothes. As my suitcases become more and more full, I cannot believe that six months in Israel have gone by. Just yesterday the OSP guys were hauling the girls’ luggage up the dorm steps while we stood idle “supervising.” And, to think, early tomorrow morning we will be making our way to the airport—each of us branching off in different directions. Read more »

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Saying Goodbye
By Cortnee Doll - July 4, 2012

The month of June came and went and it’s sad that everything I have known for the past year has come to its final hours. I could not be more pleased with how well this year turned out to be. All of the trips, memories, and experiences I have had over these past 9 months, have been incredible! The people that I have met over the course of year will always have a place in my heart. Although this was my last month in Be’er Sheva, it was by far the best yet! Read more »

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Lots of people leaving on a jet plane
By Jason - December 29, 2011

The last month of the semester has been a bittersweet medley of tears and joy. Trips, final exams, and of course, the departure of the majority of the Americans have been the highlights of this month with a dash of smoking Nargila, and buying presents for our loved ones back home. Read more »

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Zahava's Passover in Israel
By Zahava Mandelbaum - April 30, 2011

I celebrated Passover in Jerusalem with a friend and her family. The seder was very different of course. After Passover I went back to ashalim for the building days. Read more »

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