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BGU Student Association

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BGU is the university in Israel most known for a vibrant student life. The BGU Student Association is committed to providing a wide range of programs and services that include cultural, academic, recreational and community-oriented activities. All OSP students are full members of the Association, known as the Agudat Hastudentim, and are eligible to take part in all of its planned programs.

Almost every night of the week the campus cinema, “The Negative,” screens two films. Throughout the semester there are lectures on campus, as well as frequent appearances by Israeli pop and jazz stars and free symphony and chamber music concerts.

During the year there are campus bazaars, where students can purchase clothes, jewelry, CDs and cosmetics. BGU’s annual Student Day takes place during the spring semester and brings top Israeli entertainers, as well as many Israeli celebrities and politicians to campus.

In past semesters, informal classes offered on campus have included: guitar, yoga/pilates, self defense, photography, astrology and language instruction. In addition, numerous student clubs and social groups, such as the folk dancing group, the photography club, the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual organization, and intramural athletic clubs, provide you with the opportunity to meet Israeli students with similar interests to yours.

For more information on the Student Association and weekly updates please visit their website by clicking here.

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