Student Life

Student Housing

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All students enrolled in the semester or year program of OSP live in BGU student dormitories, which are conveniently located within a two minute walk to campus and directly across from the University sports facility and the Beer-Sheva train station.

Unique among Israeli study abroad programs, you are placed with Israeli roommates, providing the opportunity to foster lasting friendships and become immersed in the “real” Israel.

Dormitories are divided into apartment-suites with single and double bedrooms. Students who choose to spend a year at BGU will be given preference to receive a single room within a dormitory suite. Each student has a bed, desk/table, bookshelf, wardrobe/closet and chair. Each apartment includes a bathroom and a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, gas burners, sink, storage cupboards and a dining area. Dormitories are fully heated and air-conditioned.

As there is no inclusive meal plan at BGU, many students find it convenient, as well as inexpensive, to cook meals in their dorm-apartments. Kitchenware, cooking equipment eating utensils, linens, blankets and pillows are not provided in the apartments but can be purchased at reasonable prices. Often Israeli roommates have already furnished the apartments with many of these items.

The dormitory complex features a mini-market, laundry facilities, 24-hour computer labs with Internet access, a unisex hairdresser, a cafe/pub, a music room and student lounges for study/entertainment.

Animals are strictly forbidden in the dorms.

The Overseas Student Program does not guarantee  that stduents will be placed in on-campus housing, due to the overwheming demand of the growing student body and will be assigned based upon the order of receipt of the housing confirmation form and payment in full.

Dining Options

In addition to preparing food in the dormitory kitchen, students can dine in any of the on-campus cafeterias, all of which are kosher and reasonably priced, including the very popular Aroma Cafe.

There are also many restaurants within walking distance from the dormitories that offer a variety of authentic Israeli cuisines, as well as lively conversation with the locals of Beer-Sheva. Some eateries are operated by students or alumni and provide great ambiance and inexpensive menus.

Personal Expenses

Students should plan on spending about $450 to $500 a month on food, independent travel and personal expenses. This amount varies with individual lifestyles. It has been noted that students tend to spend more money during the ulpan period when they usually do more traveling. Students should also set aside approximately $100 per semester for books and school supplies.

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