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Finding a Cure for Diabetes

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are on the verge of a breakthrough that is bringing the world closer to finding a cure for diabetes. They’re discovering ways to create minimally invasive treatment options that will have a profound impact on the daily lives of diabetics and their families.

BGU Makes a Difference More news »

A Promising Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

Bottom Line's Daily Health News -- BGU's Dr. Eli Lewis recently completed clinical trials of a treatment that could allow newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes patients to say goodbye to insulin injections. more »

BGU Researcher Talks Possible Diabetes Cure

Washington Jewish Week -- Recent findings from two rounds of clinical trials, based on research by BGU's Dr. Eli Lewis, show that several patients injected with an FDA-approved drug, have been able to reduce or eliminate their insulin use. more »

More Good News on the Diabetes Front

The Jewish Sound -- BGU's Dr. Eli Lewis recently conducted clinical trials with an established drug on diabetics, resulting in most patients being able to dramatically reduce their insulin use. more »

Cutting-Edge Research that Leads to Real World Results

BGU researchers are working on ways not only to diagnose and manage diabetes, but also to cure it.

Dr. Eli Lewis, who heads BGU’s Clinical Islet Laboratory, is pursuing three major goals: transplants and new drugs, gene therapy, and the creation of a new “transgenic” mouse that can tolerate human material for inflammation drug experimentation. To read regular updates about his work, visit his page here.

Prof. Angel Porgador, a member of BGU’s National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev, is investigating whether reducing the function of the immune system’s natural killer (NK cells) can delay the development of type 1 diabetes and the need for a large amount of insulin.

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