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Homeland Security at BGU

Homeland security is part of daily life in Israel and essential to the State’s continued existence. Israel must be a leader among nations in the demanding enterprise of homeland security, devoting resources to ensure the country can preserve the well-being of its citizens by preventing attack, mitigating the effects of any perpetuated attack, and promoting the overall resiliency of society at large. The Homeland Security Institute at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is advancing research and technologies to address these security challenges, and those of Israel's friends and allies around the world.

BGU Makes a Difference More news »

From Start-Up Nation to Cyber Nation

The Christian Science Monitor -- With Israel's military prowess in cyber security, government investment, and collaboration between business and academia, Israel is poised to tackle one of the 21st century's greatest challenges. And it's happening in Beer-Sheva. more »

Israel Prime Minister Announces National Cyber Hub in Beer-Sheva

Israel Hayom -- Together with the president of Ben-Gurion University and the mayor of Beer-Sheva, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the establishment of an international cybercenter, "CyberSpark," adjacent to BGU. more »

The Many Robots of BGU

Jewish Business News -- BGU's two robotics labs, run by Prof. Hugo Guterman and Dr. Amir Shapiro, are developing a wide range of robots with sophisticated military, automotive, agricultural, and medical applications. more »

Autonomous Cars Patrol Israeli Border

Yahoo News -- Driverless vehicles doing border patrol duty in Israel are powered by computer technology developed at BGU. more »

Help BGU Meet Israel’s Homeland Security Needs

BGU is a leader in the fields of robotics, cyber technology, satellite use, biosensing, remote sensing, and emergency response.

Homeland security research and technology applications now under way at BGU include:

  • Robotics and Autonomous Security-Related Systems – Taking human responders out of harm’s way.
  • Biosensing Equipment – For on-site detection of contaminants and toxic substances.
  • Remote Sensing and Target Detection – Helping identify threats and targets for attack.
  • Cybersecurity and Telecommunications – Protection from unauthorized access to computer systems and the proliferation of infected data.
  • Research and Investigative Satellites – Launching a micro-satellite into space with multiple homeland security applications.
  • Emergency and Disaster ResponsePREPARED, BGU’s Center for Emergency Response Research, gathers research and trains responders on a wide range of terror and disaster scenarios so Israel can be better prepared in the future.

AABGU is raising funds to help the University do its part to protect Israel and her staunch allies. Be a part of it.

Some of the Ways Your Contribution Can Benefit Israel's Homeland Security

  • Purchase sophisticated imaging and sensing equipment
  • Support the trauma training and simulation program
  • Provide disaster assessment and measurement tools
  • Fund autonomous vehicles
  • Provide research fellowships

Donate any amount today to support homeland security technologies being developed at BGU.

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