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BGU Makes a Difference in Homeland Security

Latest News

Mapping the Dark Web of Terrorist Sites

BGU's Prof. Mark Last has developed a way to automatically determine if a seemingly harmless Web site is a front for terrorist activity. more »

Hackers Target Israeli Government Web Sites

NBC News -- While the attacks failed to cause serious disruption, BGU's Shlomi Dolev says that cyber attacks on Israel will likely become more common. more »

Into the Danger Zone

The Jerusalem Report -- A team of BGU scientists is taking part in a U.S. challenge to develop search and rescue robots. more »

Faculty Profile: Bracha Shapira

Prof. Bracha Shapira, head of BGU’s Department of Information Systems Engineering, specializes in cyber security technologies that prevent data leakage and other online homeland security threats. more »

BGU Offers New Graduate Program in Cyber Security

BGU's master’s degree in information systems engineering with a specialization in cyber security was developed to meet the growing need for security experts in Israel and worldwide. more »

Powering the Next Generation of Disaster Response Robots

BGU researchers lead the only foreign university team participating in the U.S.-sponsored DARPA Robotics Challenge. more »

The University Promotes a Civil Resilience Network

BGU and Israel’s emergency authorities (Home Front Command) announced a new joint pilot project to build a local network for crisis response. more »

Homeland Security Institute Balances Freedom and Safety

Israel has the most experience working on the threat of terrorism, while also maintaining the values of openness and democracy. A microcosm of this dual effort is BGU's Institute of Homeland Security. more »

Homeland Security Robots

It’s difficult to map smuggling tunnels. So it would be up to a robot like the one BGU's Dr. Amir Shapiro is developing to traverse the length of the tunnel and report back with details. more »

Ben-Gurion University Confronts Terrorism

What if there was a place where the world's leading experts didn't just examine what went wrong in Mumbai…At BGU, the first University-based homeland security institute in the world is asking the tough questions. more »


BGU Develops Ultra Thin Night Vision Glasses

BGU Prof. Gabby Sarusi is using nanotechnology to create night vision glasses that are lighter and less expensive than military-grade night vision goggles. more »

Imagine a More Secure Israel with a Formidible Technological Advantage

BGU's Homeland Security Institute is designing a new future by focusing on basic science questions that lead to lifesaving technologies. more »

Learn More About BGU's Homeland Security Institute

The Homeland Security Institute at BGU takes a multidisciplinary approach to researching and developing technologies to keep Israel and its allies secure. more »

Joint Israeli-Jordanian Earthquake Preparedness Training Exercise

BGU helps organize regional earthquake preparedness drill in the Arava desert. more »

BGU’s Battlefield Snakebot and Wall-Scaling Snailbot in Popular Science

Dr. Amir Shapiro looks to the animal kingdom to design robots that can go where humans can't. more »

Israeli Robots “Invade” New York

JTA’s feature video about BGU’s robots when they visited New York. more »