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Manipulating Molecules to Improve Our Lives

Nanoscience targets the tiniest building blocks of our material world – atoms and molecules. New branches of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering have emerged and united to investigate the smallest dimensions that will lead to gigantic innovations in medicine, computer power, electronics, homeland security, clean water, and energy. As nanoscience moves from the research lab to industry, BGU is leading the way for nanotech to become a driver of economic growth for Israel.

BGU Makes a Difference More news »

Partnering with Singapore to Establish New Energy Efficiency Centers

BGU is part of an initiative to create two new research centers in Singapore to develop nanomaterials for more energy-efficient applications and water management technologies. more »

Israel's Nanotech Researchers Think Big

Yahoo News -- Discoveries presented at the Nano Israel conference include cancer treatment applications. more »

Help BGU Expand and Develop its Nano Capacity

The Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology at BGU is unique and notable among similar institutions in the United States and Europe. It established Israel’s first and only atom chip lab, and its first and only nanofabrication facility dedicated to the emerging field of quantum technology.

Many of BGU's nanotechnology projects have resulted in patents in water desalination, new materials, health remedies, and homeland security. Now the Institute is surging forward with a cadre of handpicked researchers in a new cutting-edge facility that took years to plan and build, and is positioned to take a leading role in research identified as high priority by Israel and the United States. It takes tremendous investment to sustain and strengthen the Institute's scientific infrastructure and people-power. Be a part of it.

Some of the Ways Your Contribution Can Support Nanotechnology Research

  • Purchase and maintain advanced equipment on a regular basis due to ongoing technological improvements
  • Recruit additional outstanding researchers to ensure BGU's place as Israel's leader in nanotechnology research
  • Provide fellowships for doctoral and postdoctoral student researchers

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